Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a platform connecting community, research, culture, and creativity through food. My key contributions were social media editorials and illustrations, and contributing to their active campaigns, namely Daun Leaf Me with Herbana and their Welcome Back Dinner Series.

ABOVE  Illustration, “Daun yang Mati Membawa Kehidupan” (”The Dead Leaves That Bring Life”)

ABOVE  Editorial, “Embracing Kale: A Quest to Recreate Home Food in My London Kitchen”
BELOW  Editorial, “Hilangnya Daun-Daunan Hijau Dalam Lanskap Kuliner Indonesia” (The Lost Greens within the Culinary Landscape of Indonesia)

ABOVE  Illustrations + Editorial for Lazy Susan’s Welcome Back dinner experience

Studio: Lazy Susan
Year: 2022 - 2023