Critter Cuts

To encourage families so they can prepare, cook and serve food together, Critter Cuts were designed as a set of utensils based on wild animals. The tools encourage children to associate its dangerous components to sharp ‘teeth’ and ‘claws’, so to educate the risks of sharp kitchen tools.

Each utensil comes in a story book which parents can read aloud to their children, taking story time out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Studio: Lasalle College of the Arts
Collaborators: Wang Chen Hui, Charlene
Tan, Ye Rong Xin, Ooi Yi Wen, and Henny Dwi
Accolades: Bronze Winner of the Crowbar Awards 2018, Silver Winner of Singapore Design Awars 2019, and TISDC 2019 Finalist.
Year: 2018