Compared to their sister brands Wardah and Make Over, Emina appeals more towards a Generation Z audience.

Emina puts forward easy to apply make-up and skincare products, as a direct-to-consumer and entryway brand for young people who seek out an affordable approach to beauty.

As the brand’s identity continues to evolve, Emina has undertaken a ‘stick-and-paste’ look with the adoption of sticker graphics in its various formats. The almost abstract placement of these stickers add to the playful exploration and imagination that Emina embodies.

ABOVE  As Emina’s visuals continue to grow, the brand has started to take on ‘stickers’ as part of their visual identity.
BELOW Drafts for Cheeklit Pressed Blush, characterizing the shades into individual girls and their personalities.

Studio: Kudos Design Collaboratory
Year: 2021 - 2023